Sock Yarn Blanket Tutorial from Jesse

In one of my earlier posts Sock Yarn Scrap Blanket Recipe I explained how I’d been inspired by a new friend and creative collaborator I’ve met through Ravelry – Jesse from New Zealand.  Jesse inspired me to start a knitted sock yarn scrap blanket using remnants of sock yarn, made up of mitered squares.  We are aiming to not repeat any squares so have been receiving sock yarn donations from very generous people who have contacted us through our blogs or through Ravelry.

We thought that it would be a nice idea to put together tutorials for our blankets as, whilst our squares are knitted using the same method, we are joining them up differently.  My tutorial is here and you can find Jesse’s tutorial on her blog, here.  Jesse hasn’t put a tutorial together before and I must say, I think she has done a brilliant job.  Her blog is called Knotty Knickers (love it!) and is a great read, so please check it out.

You can follow our blanket progress on our project pages of Ravelry.  I am am iMake on Ravelry and Jesse is FeralBlossom.

Finally, if anyone is interested in donating their leftover sock yarn to me, Jesse and a few others I know making similar projects, please email me on  We only need walnut-size balls of yarn so any leftovers you have may be of use.  Many thanks.

Here is my blanket progress as of today.  I have a long way to go…

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