Sock Yarn Patchwork Recipe

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Back in January 2011 I started a wonderful mitered square blanket using leftover scraps of sock yarn.  There was a small group of us on Ravelry working on similar projects; we swapped yarn leftovers and enjoyed lots of online chat and encouragement.  For some reason, I haven’t worked on this project for a very long time.  I don’t really know why, as it was so satisfying.  It was easy to complete a square in an evening.  Thanks to some very generous yarn swappers I also have a lovely selection of sock yarn to choose from.

So I have decided to re-launch this project and I am inviting you to join me.

I have written up my “Sock Yarn Patchwork Recipe” and it is now available as a free pattern on Ravelry: Sock Yarn Patchwork Recipe.  Here’s the download link: download now. The pattern is also on Craftsy.

Big thanks to Libby from Truly Myrtle for proofreading the pattern for me.

You’ll see from the pattern that it’s a really simple “recipe”.  You don’t have to make a blanket.  You can make a scarf, a cushion cover… whatever you fancy.

Each square uses up a very small amount of sock yarn – a ball about the size of a walnut.  So if you’d like to get involved with a little sock yarn swapping and sharing, as well as lots of online chat and encouragement, hop over to the iMake Sock Yarn Patchwork Ravelry thread.  I am hesitating to call this a knit-a-long as it’s the sort of project I am likely to be knitting for the next few years… but if you’d like to join in then it would be great to hear from you.  I have lots of yarn to share.

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27 responses to “Sock Yarn Patchwork Recipe

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  2. Still working on mine (you may remember we swapped some yarn), but very slowly. At this point I only work on the blanket once a month or so. Someday it will be finished!


    • Hi Kira *waves*. It sounds silly but I moved my box of yarn from the lounge to my craft room; it wasn’t in ‘reaching distance’ so the project has remained untouched for ages. I have now rectified this and hope to make more progress!


  3. This looks like a wonderful project – I love knitting socks so I have a lot of extra rolling around. Must get it organized and start these squares. I predict it will probably take me a few years!


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    • Hi Barb, if you download the pattern you’ll see that the squares are attached by picking up stitches. Unfortunately there is no way around weaving in those ends :-(


  7. Thank you so much – have made lots of baby clothes recently and am going to make this up in all the pastel shades left for the cot. You are a star.


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  9. I was talking to a professor at Illinois State University over the weekend who showed me her version of this afghan. I fell in love with the idea and just now went to look for it on Ravelry. I would be interested to doing a little yarn exchange. Your afghan looks beautiful and I’m thrilled to have the pattern.
    Thank you!


    • Hi Kathie – thanks for your message. Are you part of our Ravelry thread? Hop over to join the iMake group and see if anyone on the thread is up for some swaps – there is usually someone :-) Thanks again!


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