Snowflake CAL: January Wrap Up


The first month of the Snowflake crochet-along has got off to a flying start. So it’s time to “wrap up” January. Our snowflake choices were as follows:

  • My choice: (7) Droxtal, page 47 – this simple design is named after droxtals, tiny ice particles formed from fine water droplets.
  • Jen’s choice: (4) Spring Snow, page 45 – spring snow is a wet, granular snow. As its name suggests, it is usually found in spring.

I enjoyed crocheting both of these snowflakes and was pretty pleased with the results. I’ve set a How to make a project tab for your snowflakes. As you can see, I plan to work my way through the book.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 14.11.34


spring snow

You can check out Jen’s snowflakes on her Instagram feed. Here are a few of the lovely snowflakes that have been shared in the iMake Ravelry group SnowflakeCAL thread. Please note that the photos are not mine so do not copy and reuse them, seek permission from the photographers. I have included their Ravelry names:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So it’s been a lovely month. I am looking forward to announcing February’s snowflakes on Saturday! Thanks to everyone who has been involved. It’s not to late to join in the fun…



2 responses to “Snowflake CAL: January Wrap Up

  1. I missed the idea that we’d crochet specific numbers! I started with one and am up to number 7 now – they are so sweet, even in my fiery nz palate :)


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