Snowflake CAL: February Announcement


It’s February already! How did that happen? Here are this month’s snowflakes:

  • My choice: (29) Ice Crystal I – this light and lacy flake, the first of the Ice Crystal series, is composed of a simple sequence of chains, slip stitches and double crochets (page 58).
  • My choice: (30) Ice Crystal II – the second of the Ice Crystal series snowflakes is very similar to the first in its construction, but just as with the snowflakes found in nature, a few small changes have created an entirely new appearance (page 59).
  • Jen’s choice: (69) Plane Dendrite – dendrite means “tree like”, and plane dendrites are snowflakes like this one, with intricate, branching arms (page 84).

My choices are from the beginners’ section of the book and Jen’s choice is intermediate. As before, if you want to make several of these choices then please do. Or you might just have time to make one. If you are a little snowflake obsessed, like me, you might try working your way through the book…! Just do what ever you have time to. This is a no pressure CAL.

Feb SnowflakeCAL

If you’d like a reminder about how this CAL works, hop over to the January Announcement.

I think that’s it! Enjoy!

PS: if you still need to get your hands on a copy of 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Catlin Sainio, here are the Amazon links you need:

PPS: useful links…

Featured photo credit:  Snowflakes by A Magill via Flickr


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6 responses to “Snowflake CAL: February Announcement

  1. I can’t get Ice Crystal 1 to work from the written instructions but it’s fine from the chart. Is it just me or is there an error in the instructions? Chart has 6 rounds, instructions 5 from what I can see.


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