Hexie Cards Tutorial


Inspired by the English Paper Piecing hand-quilting technique, I thought I’d have a go at making a couple of simple, but effective cards. These cards are meant to be a blank canvas really. In other words you could add a greeting or further embellishment if you wish. Personally, I am a “less is more” kind of girl so I rather like them the way they are. I get my card blanks from Eco-Craft. These cards would look lovely in handmade envelopes.

Card 1 (above) requires a couple of sheets of patterned paper (scrapbooking paper is ideal). Cut out several 1 inch hexagons (one of the 6 sides measures 1 inch). There are lots of hexie templates online (this is a good one from the Zen of Making). I am lucky enough to own a 1 inch hexagon punch (by Fiskars) so I used that. Position and glue down the centre 3 hexagons first, then trim the other hexagons to fit. I did all of this by eye – no ruler is needed. Glue everything down with a glue stick then using a thin marker, draw on stitches.

Card 2 (below) requires a hexagon punch (actually you could also punch out that hexie using a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat, but be careful!) Once you have removed a hexagon from the front of the card, draw stitches around it. Then cut out a piece of scrapbooking paper just a little smaller than the inside of the card. Chalk the edges for a rustic look then glue it down.

Add a greeting or further embellishment as you see fit.




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8 responses to “Hexie Cards Tutorial

  1. I love these so much, Martine! I’m totally making a bunch with my Fiskars hexie punches – a perfect card to have on hand for notes. Thanks for the excellent tutorial!


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