Take an Embroidery Hoop…


It’s amazing what you can do with a simple embroidery hoop, some fabric and a glue gun (and perhaps a needle and thread if you are feeling adventurous).

The above photo is some neutral linen fabric, stretched in a hoop and trimmed (the edges of the the fabric are glued to the inside edge of the hoop). Then I took a fabric “hexie” (made using Haley’s English Paper Piecing technique) and stitched it onto the fabric. I think I will take this idea a little further by stitching together lots of hexies to make fabric (quilt style) and put it in a hoop.

Below is my new Liberty fabric feature wall. These are even easier! Find lovely fabric, stretch it in a hoop, trim, glue and hang using a hook and a bit of string…!

There are lots of other exciting, un-traditional, ways of using an embroidery hoop on my “Embroidery Hoop Ideas” Pinterest board. Enjoy!


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