Granny Square Blanket Update

Crochet Blanket 4

My granny square blanket is growing – it’s now got 16 squares! I am still thrilled with the colour combination and I’ve learned LOTS from this project. I have even adjusted the basic solid square pattern so it works in a way that I want it too. I may well share a tutorial at some point if anyone is interested. Are you working on a crochet project this weekend?

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10 responses to “Granny Square Blanket Update

  1. I just finished a “giant granny square” baby afghan in superchunky yarn with a 10mm hook. I would have preferred to use a square pattern with fewer chain-space “holes” like you did; however, the chenille yarn I was using for most of the afghan (especially the extra-thick chenille yarn in the center of the square) just made it too difficult to find the bits of the individual stitches from the previous round I would have needed to work each new round’s stitches into. It’s still very soft & cuddly, though!


  2. Just finished a crocheted beaded butterfly shawl for my mom’s birthday and now I’ve started a baby sweater for a work friend that is due in the fall. The pattern is from Beyond Triangles craftsy class. This will be the second time I’ve made this pattern, quick and easy.


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