SnowflakeCAL: April Announcement


I decided to combine this April’s announcement with the March wrap up.

March’s snowflakes were Flurry (left), White Buran (top right) and Firn (bottom right). I really enjoyed these snowflakes and managed to get them finished over a couple of evenings, right at the start of March! It was nice to stick to the beginners’ section of the book as I knew the patterns would be achievable.

With this in mind, Jen and I have chosen 4 snowflakes this month! 3 are from the beginners’ section and there is one little challenge in there from the intermediate section. Here goes…


Our choices are:

  • Jen’s choice (10) Boreas: Boreas was the ancient Greek name for the cold north wind, and a fitting title for this icy crystal (page 48).
  • Martine’s choice (12) Frazil: Frazil is a type of flowing ice that forms in turbulent water (page 49).
  • Martine’s choice (25) Ice Prism: Like and ice prism, this design is characterised by its simple and well-defined shape (page 56).
  • Jen’s choice (63) Suestada: A Suestada is a strong, winter windstorm on the east coast of South America (page 80) – intermediate.  

Remember this is a very informal CAL – dip in and out when you like.  You can do all of the snowflakes suggested or just a couple, or indeed pick your own!

Please share your progress and chat on the iMake Raverly group, on the iMake Facebook page/Twitter/Instagram (#SnowflakeCAL) or feel free to comment on this post.

PS: if you still need to get your hands on a copy of 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Catlin Sainio, here are the Amazon links you need:

PPS: useful links…


9 responses to “SnowflakeCAL: April Announcement

  1. Oh, I really hope you don’t decide to move the Snowflake CAL to social media. I’m loving taking part, but I just don’t have time to keep up with social media all the time as well as blogs, so I would miss out. Would be a real shame.


    • Hi Caroline – don’t worry – I won’t – I just was not sure how many people were relying on this post. Thanks for the feedback!


      • Thank you, Martine – very grateful. I do sometimes share pics on Instagram of my snowflakes, but I’m very sporadic over there and would hate to miss out. Very much looking forward to this month’s flakes – an interesting selection!


  2. I’m chiming in with Caroline here! The only social media I am willing to invest time in is Instagram and that is off and on. I definitely rely on my newsletter feeds from IMAKE and the blog to keep up. Please don’t change! If you are running out of Martine, a simple list would be fine here in this space. With all you have going on we would all understand the need for brevity!


  3. I have to return to my snowflake making. I had thought Spring was here, but no…its been snowing on and off for a few days now, so my motivation is back! I must do a few more:)


  4. I had only done January and February because other events intervened but as it’s raining today I got two March ones done. I’m back in the game…..


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