London Marathon 2014 – Done


So this has nothing to do with craft at all, but as my iMake followers have been SO supportive, I just wanted to post a message to say thank you! My massive London Marathon project is officially done. You can read all about it on my training blog: Run Martine Run (this is a link to parts 1, 2 and 3 of my report and includes lots of photos).

In other news I am working behind the scenes on iMake 2.0. I think that I am going with Tumblr as it’s just so easy to use but please, watch this space for official instructions when the change comes. If you want to have a look at what I am doing then please hop over to and let me have your feedback. I will change this Tumblr URL to in due course so there is no need to alter your subscription yet (whichever way you subscribe).  Full instructions to follow. Thanks for your patience!

Marathon Phone 15

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10 responses to “London Marathon 2014 – Done

    • Thanks Sarah – I am pleased with how the site is shaping up. It’s not too easy to comment on posts at the moment though. If you get a chance would you mind trying to leave a comment so I can test things out? Thanks!


      • I attempted to leave a comment (twice) – to do so I had to sign up through Disqus (I think), but the comments disappeared into the aether – perhaps for moderation? I would share that the text in the comments area was very light on my screen, so I had trouble reading it. Hope that helps!


      • That does help, Sarah – thank you!! I have sorted out the background colour I think. It’s just the held for moderation issue. I don’t seem to get an email when there is a comment – just looking into it now, as well as giving some sort of warning. Would you mind just leaving one more comment just to test the readability? Thanks so much!


  1. Well done on completing the London Marathon. You must be very proud of such an achievement, Martine x.

    I’m glad you’ve found a platform to suit your blogging style. How are you finding Tumblr? Does it handle everything?


    • Thanks Ruby!

      I am still playing around with Tumblr but getting there. Right now I think it does meet my needs but I am not 100% there yet. A few techie issues to deal with. Hope all is well with you! x


    • Awww thanks! You can have a look what I am working on for Tumblr here if you like: I am still playing around but I quite like the look of things and it’s helping my define what I want from my blog now :-)


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